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Audio Sources

JamJar supports playing audio, the AudioSourceSystem. AudioSource components allow configuration of how the audio will be played, allowing control over volume, playback rate, and application of custom filters.

Setting up Audio Source System

An AudioSourceSystem can be set up by supplying a message bus and declaring the system.

new AudioSourceSystem(messageBus);

Creating an entity with an Audio Source

const audioSource = new Entity(messageBus);
audioSource.Add(new AudioSource("example", {
    playing: true,
    loop: -1,
    volume: 0.5,
    playbackRate: 1,

This creates a new entity with an AudioSource, which is set to be playing with an infinite loop (loop value -1), and playing at normal playback rate (1) and half volume 0.5. The audio played is called example, which must be loaded in advance with an Audio loading system, for example the HTTPAudioSystem.


The loop option of the AudioSource defines how many times after the initial play the audio should repeat, e.g. a value of 3 will result in 1 initial play and 3 looped plays - a total of 4 plays. A value of -1 indicates it should play infinitely and loop non-stop.

Applying Audio Filters

Audio filters can be applied to an AudioSource by defining a function and supplying it as the audioProcessor option. This is a function that allows appending Audio nodes by using the Web Audio API specification. This function should connect to the base node which is provided as a parameter, and the final node in the chain should be removed.

For example:

const audioSource = new Entity(this.messageBus);
audioSource.Add(new AudioSource("example", {
    playing: false,
    loop: -1,
    volume: 0.2,
    playbackRate: 1,
    audioProcessor: (base: AudioBufferSourceNode, context: AudioContext): AudioNode => {
        const filter = context.createBiquadFilter();
        filter.type = "lowpass";
        filter.frequency.setValueAtTime(1000, context.currentTime);
        return filter;

This adds a low pass BiquadFilterNode filter to the audio being played.