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Status License - Apache
2.0 Documentation
Status NPM

JamJar 2D Typescript Game Engine

JamJar is a 2D typescript game engine, designed to simplify building browser WebGL based games. The engine is built for the source to be looked at and understood, to help in understanding game dev concepts.

JamJar provides the following:

  • Entity-Component-System architecture.
  • Composition based entities and components.
  • Messaging.
  • Regular game loop.
  • Custom shader support.
  • Set of standard systems to use
    • WebGL - rendering using WebGL onto a HTML5 canvas.
    • Collision - collisions between colliders.
    • Fullscreen - fullscreen events and pointer lock.
    • Interpolation - smoothing movements between frames.
    • Keyboard - keyboard input.
    • Pointer - browser pointer input (mouse, touch etc.)
    • HTTP Image - loading image assets over HTTP.
    • Sprite - processing sprites and images before rendering.
    • Motion - simple motion; velocity, acceleration, angular velocity etc.
    • UI - user interfaces (HUDs etc.).
    • Text - processing text before rendering, handling fonts.
    • Sprite Animation - animation through sprites.
    • Audio - audio playback.
    • Scripting - runtime execution of scripts, interface for interacting with core the game logic
    • Networking - networking through a standardised relay server protocol.
    • Serialization - serialization to and from JSON.