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Texture Options

JamJar supports customisation of how textures are presented and rendered with the use of the ITextureOptions optionset.


The following texture filtering options are supported:

  • Nearest - nearest neighbour filtering.
  • Bilinear - bilinear filtering.
  • Trilinear - trilinear filtering.

These are specified by the TextureFiltering enum.

Minification Filtering

To apply a filter when minifying a texture, provide the minFilter property.

Magnification Filtering

To apply a filter when magnifying a texture, provide the magFilter property.


The following texture wrapping options are supported:

  • Repeat - Repeat the textures image.
  • Mirrored Repeat - Repeat the texture image, mirroring the image with each repeat.
  • Clamp to Edge - Clamps the coordinates between 0 and 1.

These are specified by the TextureWrapping enum. These can be applied either to the x axis with xWrap or to the y axis with yWrap.


Mipmaps can be generated or not generated by providing the generateMipmaps option. This is a boolean option, true will generate mipmaps, false will skip mipmap generation.


Textures can be loaded in a mirrored mode (flipped horizontally and vertically), by providing the mirror option. This is a boolean option, true will result in the texture being mirrored, false will result in a non-mirrored texture.