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AABB Collision

AABB Collision is the use of Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes to detect collisions. This can be a good compromise collision algorithm, sacrificing some accuracy to achieve much better performance than perfectly accurate algorithms.

Set up an AABB algorithm

The AABB algorithm is easy to set up, it does not require any configuration and will work with any shape provided to it; for the fastest results an AABB should be used, but the AABB algorithm works well with any IShape, such as a fully defined Polygon or Ellipse.

To use this algorithm, declare a new AABBAlgorithm, for example:

const collisionDetector = new AABBAlgorithm();

This algorithm can be used to swap out anywhere an [ICollisionAlgorithm] is used, for example as part of frustum culling

Use with a Collision System

The AABBAlgorithm can be provided to a CollisionSystem to use instead of the defaults, for example:

new CollisionSystem(this.messageBus,
    new AABBAlgorithm()

This example replaces the narrow phase collision detection with the AABBAlgorithm.